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세국내유일의 도시과학 학제간 연구 메트로폴리스 서울시의 두뇌집단 (Think-Tank).  서울시립대학교도시과학 연구원
  • 학과문의:02-2210-2776  팩스번호:02-2210-2732
  • 21세기관 302호
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    • The Seoul Metropolitan Fora(SMF) is The University of Seoul's extramural program on urban affairs and studies, created to facilitate exchange of ideas and experiences among scholars, professionals and students both from home and abroad. It will be offered on a continuing basis, and in various forms such as symposium, workshop, distinguished lecture series, roundtable discussion, and exhibition. The Fora represent the University's strong commitment to the enrichment of urbanism that has become one of the focal problematic of the modern world.
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