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세국내유일의 도시과학 학제간 연구 메트로폴리스 서울시의 두뇌집단 (Think-Tank).  서울시립대학교도시과학 연구원
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  • 2019 Seoul Big Data Forum
    • Urban areas are full of big data. In the research fields of transportation, urban engineering, urban infrastructure, communication technology, etc., Big Data has now become one of the most important if not the most important issue. Furthermore, Big Data is infiltrating the everyday life of people in urban areas to the point in which the collection and processing of Big Data has become inseparable from the quality of life in urban areas. It can even enhance one’s quality of life. The Seoul Big Data Forum aims to discuss theoretical considerations on issues regarding Big Data and share empirical cases of applying Big Data to urban policy. By doing this, we expect to promote the Big Data processing method and the application of it for various purposes.
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